1999 Bay Holsteiner Stallion by Cambridge
Owned by Alice Womble-Heitman and Dr. Mike Heitman

Remarkable for his beauty, Cacique often evokes awe and admiration from bystanders. Tall and dark bay with a handsome face, he is well-behaved with lovely ground manners. Canter work is his specialty and his beautiful tempi changes and canter pirouettes are highlights. I especially like to work with stallion personalities, and he has proven to be a fun challenge. Cacique shows also exceptional talent for show jumping under the talented German trainer Soehnke Teymann of El Campeon Farms. To find out more about Cacique and his offspring go to: 

Show Highlights

  • 2008 Markel High Point at FEI level at the Cool August Night show at LAEC

  • 2009 started competing at Prix St. Georges scoring in the high 60's and 70's, with a 77.895% at Dressage at Flintridge (CA) in May

  • 2009 Region 7 USDF Champion at Prix St George

  • 2010 first year at I-1 and first season in CDI's

  • 2010 First place USDF Horse of the Year all breeds award at Intermediare 1 median score 71.579%

  • 2010 Champion Holsteiner USDF Horse of the Year

  • 2010 High Performance show at Flintridge first place musical freestyle at I-1

  • 2010 Earned a spot on the USEF Developing List


1992 Black Andalusian Stallion. I imported Capprichio in 1999 from Spain.
Owned by Paula Josa Jones

Capprichio is a feisty fellow with a mind of his own. Despite his diminutive size, he really knew how to fill up an arena with his presence. He was a big challenge for me when I first got him and it took me about two years to retrain him. When I finally brought him out he became a great joy. Like all of my horses, whether they are destined to be exhibition or competition horses, he had to prove himself in the show ring. He stood out from his breed because of his beautiful floating gaits. He could get people on their feet, even at venues such as Dressage at Devon. One of his highlights was the exhibition "Dance with me" with my friend, the Flamenco dancer Ana Ayromlou from Germany. He was the best performer I have ever had for this horse and human pas de deux. Fancy, elegant and charming: he dazzled with his piaffe, passage, Spanish walk and extended trot. 

Career Highlights

  • 2003 USDF Horse of the Year, Tenth Place - Fourth Level

  • 2003 First Place Horse of The Year in the Andalusian Division

  • High Point Winner at the Upper Levels at the "Festival of the Horse" at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center

"Desche" Bana Conversano


1985 Gray Lipizzaner Stallion, imported from Hungary

Owned by Sabine Schut-Kery

Desche came to me when he was just three years old. He was owned by my employer at the time and he is the first horse I trained completely. Although he was an exhibition horse, I think he would have preferred to stay home to study his haute ecole. He reminded me of the highly intelligent people who have difficulty with everyday life. He was more of a scholar than a show-off, and crowd noises made him anxious. He performed because he trusted his rider, but it was still a challenge to keep him focused on me when in front of an excited crowd. He learned all of the Grand Prix level movements and could perform them all side-saddle. He was incredibly talented and able to perform a courbette and levade, despite the fact that I was not experienced in training these high school airs. 

Tinus PM

1990 Black Friesian Stallion by Jillis 310
Owned by Proud Meadows

Tinus embodied the ideal type for a Friesian dressage horse. He was an elegant and beautifully conformed sport type. I loved to show him because he was so reliable. He gave me a lot of confidence because I always knew I could count on him, no matter how tough the competition. Tinus won USDF Horse of the Year (first place for all competitors of all breeds) at Second, Third, Fourth and Prix St. Georges. He finished his career at Grand Prix, and was ranked 6th in the nation for his Grand Prix freestyle. I first knew Tinus when he was four, and commenced his training when Proud Meadows bought him in 1998. 

Career Highlights

  • 1999 USDF Horse of the Year, National Champion - Second Level

  • 2000 USDF Horse of the Year, National Champion - Third Level

  • 2001 USDF Horse of the year, National Champion- Fourth level

  • 2001 Horse of the Year, National Champion - Prix St. Georges

  • 2005 USDF Horse of the Year, 6th place - Grand Prix Freestyle, median score 73.250%

  • 2006 Tinus and Sabine were awarded by the German FN (Federation National) with "The Golden Horse" award for outstanding accomplishments in the sport of dressage.

Illiad PM


1996 Black Friesian Stallion by Bendert

Owned by Proud Meadows

Illiad was the horse I would choose if I had to ride into war. Beautiful and brave, he would do whatever his rider asked of him. The first time I rode him, he had been loaned to me for an exhibition I made while on a return visit to Germany. Jim Mosebrook and Larry Riggs, owners of Proud Meadows, were also enchanted by his presence. We were not looking for a horse at the time, but we could not get him out of our minds; he was so powerful and majestic. Jim and Larry bought him on impulse, because of our gut feelings about him, and we all had high hopes that he would be the one who could follow in Jorrit's footsteps as an exhibition horse.Tragically, Illiad suffered an accident while in his stall which dislocated his fetlock. The vets thought he would have to be euthanized. It was a testament to Illiad's courageous heart that he was able to recover well enough to return to work and to perform in exhibitions from Dressage at Devon, to the 2007 NFR in Las Vegas, the National Horse Show in Del Mar, and then to the 2009 Las Vegas World Cup. 

Career Highlights

  • 2004 Third Place at Fourth Level, Dressage at Devon

  • 2005 USDF Horse of the Year, Eighth Place - Fourth Level

  • 2005 Fourth Place at Prix St. George, Palm Beach Derby

  • 2005 Injury right after this last show in Florida ended his competition career

Jorrit PM
1985 Black Friesian Stallion by Mark 232
Owned by Proud Meadows


Jorrit was the first horse I ever owned. He was also the first horse I ever trained to Grand Prix and the first Friesian stallion ever to compete at Grand Prix! When I bought Jorrit he was just four and it was my dream to train him for exhibitions and to compete at third level. Jorrit had tremendous pride and self-confidence. He truly enjoyed performing and his spectators adored him. He had an aristocratic way about him and yet he loved to "ham it up" for his exhibitions. I believe he was the most travelled Friesian in the world. He had a show career in both Germany and the U.S. He became a breeding stallion at age 12 and retired from riding at age 17. He happily lived out his years first at Proud Meadows, and then at Wyning Edge Friesians in Texas, passing peacefully at the age of 27. 

Career Highlights

  • 1993 Equitana Europe - Earned the first ever perfect score of "10" in the Kur open competition

  • 2000 USDF Horse of the Year, National Champion - Prix St. Georges

  • 2001 Winner of the Grand Prix Freestyle in Wellington, Florida

  • 2001 USDF Horse of the Year, 6th Place - Grand Prix Freestyle

  • 2003 Jorrit and Sabine were awarded by the German FN (National Federation) with the "Golden Horse Award" for outstanding accomplishments in the sport of dressage.

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