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dressageLessons and Clinics

I enjoy teaching serious riders and welcome riders of all levels. I believe strongly that creating a happy and willing partner is the key to a successful competitive pair, no matter the level or goal.  My approach to teaching both horse and rider is that of guided exploration.
- Sabine


One-on-one dressage lessons with Sabine vary from 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Sabine is available to review your training session on video or DVD and share insights and observations with you and your trainer. 

Sabine also happily teaches non-competitive riders.




Sabine is available for one and two day dressage clinics scheduled in advance.

Each session is 45 minutes to 1 hour in length
8 Students per day (max. 9)

Auditors are welcome. Auditors may be subject to a fee determined by the clinic host to offset the clinic expenses. Travel expenses, to be covered by clinic organizer, will include airfare for direct flights from LAX or Burbank airports, transportation to and from the airport, airport parking, and accommodations to and from the clinic location, meals and sleeping accommodations at a hotel or guest house.

Contact Sabine for more information, clinic prices, or to schedule a clinic or lesson.




Sabine is available for show coaching and coaches many competitive clients that participate in her training program. 


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