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Sabine and Sanceo receive Carol Lavell grant

Sabine Schut Kery and Sanceo at West Coast Dressage Festival

For the second year running, Sabine and Sanceo were awarded the Carol Lavell Advanced Dressage Prize for 2018. They received it first in 2017, and were able to travel to Germany for international training and Grand Prix competition as a result.

Receiving it two years in a row is unusual, and exciting. Sabine says, "It is hard to put in words how I feel about Sanceo and I being chosen again this year for the Carol Lavell Advanced Dressage Prize! I am ecstatic and extremely thankful that this grant will give me the opportunity to focus on quality training with my coach, Christine Traurig. The training that the Prize provides will have a major impact on pursuing my goal to develop Sanceo into a Grand Prix horse that has the quality to represent the USA in international competition."

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